Monday, March 19, 2012


   Time to start believing that Pi is the answer to the Wisdom of Rev. 13.18's 666 number. That means, if you really think you know what Pi actually is, You Do Not. Then, when you think you know of what Pi not to be, then Pi is! So within the the process of "Pi Decoding Pi", and the ancient Sumerian system of Gematria, (Sexagesimal), ("Pi Sumeria"), 6 and 60 has been determined through my eyes that there is no wrong answer from within the mathematical interpretation that Pi represents. ((π = 3.141592654...)) This formulation 'Is' the Revelation 13-18 Prophecy of 666, the so called 'Number of the Beast'. But Hey, Do not take my word for it. When you believe to have done all the proper research, only then you will finally understand the Truth. Now, proving this to myself, I found this Sumerian system of Gematria to be the Key in finding and solving the True and correct meaning behind the 666 number. It is Time! As I have researched and found hundreds of words and phrases that equal the number 666. So this means there is a very strong possibility, that there are actually thousands of words and phrases that equal the number 666. With that said, When you properly research the math of any specific word or phrase that reveals the mathematical meaning of 666, it is only within that particular word or phrase, that the interest will answer itself from within that particular word or phrase. Meaning: To equal the number 666 by way of Gematria, or through any other system, there has only been one answer found within that particular word or phrase that is being presented. And the odds of finding more than 1 answer in any giving word or phrase is quite Astronomical. Meaning: It is Very, Very, Most Very Unlikely that this will happen. Just as it will be in finding the last digit within Pi, or trying to find a single needle within a thousand mile radius. And through the eyes of our Science world, they are beginning to open up to the thought, and are somewhat providing the proof, that it is becoming more and more likely that 'Anything Is Possible'!!
So what this means fellow humans is Relax, 'Anything is Possible'. Again, the Time is HERE! Rev. 13-18 has been 'Mathematically Deciphered and Solved' through this Sexagesimal system of the Sumerian math Gematria along with our current English Alphabet. As it so stipulates within 13-18 to 'Count' or 'Calculate'. And however way you look at it, the only single answer throughout the world today, so far, that has the number 666 connected to it 4 times, is that of which is being presented using Pi. No Other Answer Has proved to have more than 1 answer! There is no more pounding your head against the wall thinking that it is Impossible. I was given what All Men throughout the past and present have failed. Again, this formulation has not just 1 answer, but 4 mathematically correct answers within that answer the 666 question. 4 Answers!! How is this possible? I did not stumble upon this, or come across this by chance, No Way!! I was given the answer to tell the Whole World by an Apparition, or whatever you want to call it. And Pi to me has become Visible from within itself. So this means I am the person from which Rev. 13-18 Prophecy is referring to. A Single MAN of Mathematical Wisdom in Counting, with the use of a single "Calculation" in seeking the correct answer!! Again, it is through this Gematria system that it has been found. So, what are the odds of this? Well, if you ask me, if you count the existence of Every Single Human Being that has ever Existed on planet Earth up to this point in time, then those are your odds. Now, does anyone know of how many people have ever existed on planet Earth from when Time first began? Well, when someone has found out this information, then...
This mathematical Interpretation of Pi ((π = 3.141592654...)) clearly explains Itself. I truly do not know what it takes to get this information across to people of the world, you just have to look and open your mind to what Pi presents. This is a "Pi Celestial" of mathematical proportions. When turning words into numbers (Gematria form) seems fairly simple. But when you look at Pi, Pi does not present itself as simple. You need to understanding and see the realization that Pi maybe something else. Case in question:
((π = 3.141592654...)). Gematria also works the other way around, say like turning numbers into words. This to I have explained many times over. What you see within this mathematical interpretation of Pi is truth. Presented first is (π). The mathematical symbol of Pi. Then there is this (=). Our mathematical symbol in understanding any given answer. Next you see this (3.141592654) the most famous numerical and mathematical number of all time, which we all use on a daily basis. And finally, presented last is this (...) 3 dots. Interpretation: Pi's mathematical and Infinite probability. Turning each one of these 4 divisions of Pi into word symbols of Pi by way of reverse Gematria are, "Pi Symbol", "Pi Equaling", "Pi Formula", and "Pi Infinite". All 4 of these Interpretations easily explain what Pi is, what Pi does, what Pi's properties indicate, and of course, where Pi goes. And within this reverse Gematria, all 4 of these "Pi Decoding Pi" phrases present themselves Individually. They speak by saying I Am the "Pi Symbol"=666, I Am the "Pi Equaling"=666, I Am the "Pi Formula"=666, and I Am the "Pi Infinite"=666. I Need Not Say Anymore! Pi Absolutely presents itself as 666. As does "Pi Decoding Pi", and is without no doubts, the 'Number of the Beast'. Again, I am the Man who is bringing this Information forward in solving the 666 riddle. It is also "My Number", that is mathematically connected to my Birth Date of "May First". Again, Gematria explains it all "Perfection". "May First" is 666. This is the only single day out of the entire 365 day calendar year that equals this number. Just plain regular numbers also explains it. Dividing 365 by the number 3, the first number in Pi = 121.666. This means that out of every 4 years, 3 years of "May First" is the 121st day of the year, and Leap Year, the 4th year, presents to be the 122nd day. May 1st in Math is day 121, and "May First" in Gematria = 666. 121.666!! Does this prove that the Anti Christ is here? (as it has been told to us for thousands of years). No! Because in Rev. 13-18, or any other part of Revelations, Where does it say, stipulate or even produce the thought that 666 has anything to do with the Anti Christ? That's Right! Exactly Nowhere!
Revelations 13-18 clearly explains: Here is Wisdom, Let He Who Has Understanding, (Count) or (Calculate) The Number of The Beast, For It Is The Number of A Man, And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score and Six, 666.
So one of the most Important questions that has come from the very beginning of time is, Has "God Created A Man" or has "Man Created A God"? Which one is the Truth? Well, there is only 1 Answer I can come up with, using this Sumerian Gematria on both questions. When this happens, both of these questions result back to the same Answer. So this also means, and verifies the proof that "Pi Decoding Pi' is the same as saying "Pi's Behind Pi".

Here are a few other questions that can Mathematically Justify the answer! Some of which have already been presented. From where 1 is found, 4 are present! ((π = 3.141592654...))
Now, it has been said throughout the many years of our existence, that the number 666 will somehow and mathematically come from a Greek Word, a Greek Name, a Greek Symbol, and of course a Greek Number. Thus, being connected to a specific man. And the question remains. How exactly was this determined? Well first off, Every question presented is exactly as it should be.

1) What does the presentation of Pi mean that is presented above within the parentheses? Well, Pi's presentation opens a gateway of knowledge that is waiting to be released by one particular Individual. Again, This is how it so prophesies within Rev. 13-18.
2) So, Is this presentation of Pi Truly confirming to be "A Math Language" of the future? Or, has this presentation of Pi been confirmed of being an old math language of the past?
3) Why was this math "Formation" of Pi presented "In The Fields" of Britain's crops in the form of a Crop Circle?
3-b) Is this because a "Swirling" pattern was used to form the Crop Circle, just as with all other Crop Circles?
3-c) So this means that in June 2008 "A Pi Creation" was formed.
4) Where and When can they prove the "Pi Symbol" first originated from?
5) Does the equaling sign beside Pi  tell us of what the "Pi Equaling" means?
6) When and Where did the "Pi Formula" of numbers first become known?
7) If Pi is an infinite number, Does this mean that Infinite Pi has become the "Pi Infinite"?
8) If more than one ability of Pi can be found within Pi's own Representation, Will this be the true way in which we find and determine what the real "Pi Abilities" are?
9) How many more "Pi Challenges" will I discover and presented to the World, before the World finally understands that the real truth behind Pi is Rev. 13-18's 666?
10) If it has been determined and verified that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was constructed and built by using the math of Pi, Then are we to ask ourselves, Is this the Great "Pi Pyramid" ▲ in Egypt?
11) If so, were these Pyramids built by the "Pi Pharaohs" of Egypt, or did someone else build them thousands of years before the Egyptians? This also applies to all other Ancient Pyramids of the World, Not just Egypt.
12) What can we expect to see when Pi is added to the Triangle - The "Pi Triangle"▲?
13) If the Triangle represents the number 3 ▲, and is in a form of Pyramid ▲, and the 3 represents the first number in Pi, Can we also expect the same thing when adding Pi to the Pyramid? "Pi Pyramid"!
14) So here we see the ("Pi Triangle"▲ and "Pi Pyramid"▲), How many "Pi Surfaces" are there known to be on a Triangle, 5 - 4 or 3 sides? Well, we can at least determine what the math process is - 5*4*3=60, which is Sexagesimal.
15) Out of all the people on planet Earth, how many of them understand that the "Pi Molecule" stands for 666, and is within our own DNA?
16) When people can finally perceive themselves to be greater than "Pi Ignorance", How many of them on Planet Earth today will actually know they are lesser of it?
17) If there are "Pi Talkers" out there, who can verify and explain what Pi actually is and does, How many of them can actually verify themselves as being "A Pi Thinker"?
18) How much higher can Pi's sequence of digits go, before we finally realize, Pi has become "Pi Powered"?
19) We have been motioning forward into a new Time of Pi. So is Time actually saying, I am the old Time of "Pi Motion"?
20) How many people know of Phi, the Golden Ratio? And do they know Phi to be the "Pi Brother"?
21) If Pi can be interpreted as "Pi National" within the United States as local, Does this mean when interpreting Pi as 'World Wide', will Pi then become "Pi Globally"?
22) If the Masons used a Compass and Square to form their Symbol, Does this mean the reason why they did so is because "A Pi Squared" and the "Pi Compass" equals why they did?
23) What is the true meaning behind "Pi Decoding Pi"? Does this actually mean that "Pi's Behind Pi"?
24) If "Pi In The Bible" can be verified and connected to the "Biblical Decoding" of 666, which is thereby interpreted through all Bible's of the world as coming from the Word of God, Does this mean that Pi is a celestial entity? And does this make me the person finding and bringing this information forward also a "Pi Celestial"?
25) If spiders have intelligence, which I believe they do, Do they spin "Pi In The Web" for a reason?
26) If Pi can be proven to have first originated from the Sumerians, Could this mean that Pi first originated from "Pi Sumeria"? Which is 6 or 60 multiplied together equaling 360!!
27) If "A Pi Circular" equals Math, and "Circulates" equals round, What do round "Math Circles" equal?
28) All that I am presenting, Does this make me a "Pi Citizen" with "Pi In The Soul?
29) Which of these formula's below is actually the correct formula in deciphering our own Evolution: "Pi-God-Life-Man", "God-Life-Man-Pi", "Life-Man-Pi-God", Man-Pi-God-Life?
30) If God says "I Am The Heaven" and "I Am The Satan", Does this mean God is saying He is both "Heaven And Hell"?
31) If Pi can be proven to be the math formula of the "Seed Of All Life", Will this make me the "Wisdom Man" from which Rev. 13-18 is referring to?
32) If Rev. 13-18 refers to the Number of the Beast, and Pi refers to the number 666, and being that the "Dollar Sign" refers to Greed, What does the phrase "Beast-Pi-Greed" refer to?
33) What we need to be asking ourselves is that throughout our whole entire existence on planet Earth, had "God Created A Man" or has "Man Created A God"?
34) Is it not remarkable that I have mathematically proven Pi to = 666. Or, have I mathematically proven "Remarkable Pi" to = 666?
35) Why does the "US Of America" fall under letters "P-Q-R-S-T-U" in our Military Global Longitude lettering system?
36) If the letters of Longitude "P-Q-R-S-T-U" equals "US Of America", then what does it's "Latitudes" equal?
37) Why is it said that the United States is a Country, when in fact, the U.S. is a Corporation, and is under "Corporate" rule?
38) If we can actually measure Pi's sequence of numbers to be of an infinite length, Does this mean that "Pi Measured" is where the true answer will come from?
39) In order for anyone to have a full and complete understanding of Pi, they must realize that "Pi Finalized" is being presented, and must understand the "Pi Fluency" that's behind it. So, should all people realize that this is "The Life Of Pi"?
40) If Pi and 666 are the same, Does this mean that both are working their way to becoming a "World Belief"?
41) If the Ancients of Pi made all their mounds circular, Does this mean 'that's why' "Pi Mounds" are made circular?
42) So, out of all the "Pi Phrases" 'As above-So below', Does this actually mean I have had "A Pi Awakening" for God, or is "God Awakening" for me to know Pi?
43) If I have put forth the Sagacity in everything I have presented with Pi, Does this mean "A Pi Sagacity" I have presented?
44) If I have been "Observing" Pi to be the number 666, or the number 666 to being Pi, Does this mean I have to "Observe Pi" as being only an "Illusion", and strictly "Anomalous"?
45) What is this word of "Convergence" actually saying? Is this Interpretation the notion of being One?
46) And if "Convergence" means being One, and being One means seeing God within thyself, Do I finally realize this?
47) And being that I was contacted by "Gray Aliens" to present this knowledge, Did they give me this knowledge to pass it on, so people would have a much "Higher Level" of thinking?
48) If it's been proven that Our "SS Number" = 666 through Gematria, Then what does "My Number" =?
49) When Revelations 13-18 speaks about a Man of 666 being mathematical, and I, as a Man, have proven Pi to be the mathematical 'Number of the Beast', Does this mean that when "A Man Changes Pi" to = 666666 will become the mathematical True Answer for the 'Number of that Man'?
50) The idea of a person showing signs of mental telepathy and certain particular power, is often said to be a Conduit. Conduit: A conduit is a person with superhuman abilities, ranging from manipulation of a certain forms of energy or matter into flight, enhanced senses, and strength. Normal humans of today often detest and reject conduits, calling them 'freaks' or 'deviants'. As for me bringing this kind of information forward about Pi, does this now make me a "Pi Conduit"?
51) We have had "A Count Up" to the days leading toward December 21 2012 for many years. OK! Have we not at the same time been counting down to December 21 2012?
52) Is there actually a reason for me being here? Yes, I have solved Revelations 13-18, and have presented all the right "Answers To The Question", which is unquestionably, all the right "Questions The To Answer".
53) As being mentioned above with the "Dollar Sign", has this symbol ($) definitely taken over the world through the process of Greed? Yes, because pretty soon, as it looks to be coming true, there will eventually be no more of it, only "Antimony". Wait a second, did I spell that correctly? Yes! It is spelled correctly, and it's obviously clear. You just have to read up on what is Real, and what is Not.
54) The 51st Element of "Antimony" that is clearly mentioned above,  Should we actually be calling this "A God Particle"?
55) When we look at the phrase 'The Circle of Life', Does this phrase say "A Circle Is Life"? Or, does the phrase suggest that "Life Is A Circle"?
56) And being that the Mechanisms behind Pi, You Know, the theories that all natural phenomena can be explained by physical cause. Does this make "A Pi Mechanism" the physical cause to all natural phenomena?
57) So then there is this number 3, You know, the first number in Pi. You know, The term we use for the "Three Laws" system. You know, the number that represents a Triangle and Pyramid. If you take each word that represents each number up to the number 3, You know One-Two-Three, adding all 3 words together, guess what it now represents? That's Right, 888. 3 One's = 636, 3 Two's = 666, 3 Three's = 696. Adding all 3 of these numbers together = 1998, then divided by 3 = 666. And 1998-888=1110, which leads us back to "A (0) Point Field" on the Giza Plateau.

Here are more Pi Questions waiting to be Answered, connected to the numbers 51 and 666:
Here is what you see within this presentation of Pi ((π = 3.141592654...)). Here is what I actually see (666-666-666-666)!
1) Why is the Great "Pi Pyramid" of Egypt sloped at an angle of 51º - 51'?
2) Who changed the 0 / 360º Prime Meridian from the Great Pyramid to Greenwich?
3) Why is Greenwich some 31 degree's west of Giza?
4) Is this because Pi begins with the numbers of 3.1?
5) Thousands of year ago, why was Stonehenge positioned at exactly 51º latitude?
6) Why was the Barbury Castle Crop Circle of Pi in 2008 also positioned at 51º latitude?
7) Why was this "Formation" of Pi, along with Stonehenge, both positioned at 51º "Latitudes"?
8) If Pi in Gematria = 150, Then why did the Crop Circle of Pi of 2008 = 150 feet or 150 meters in Diameter? Which one is it, Feet or Meters?
9) What is the real reason behind, and why Nevada's Area 51 is called - Area 51?
10) Why does the "Pentagons" structure in Arlington Virginia have 51 inner rings?
11) How is it and why, has the District of Columbia in Maryland not been recognized as the 51st State yet?
12) Why is the most widely used surround system throughout the world today called Dolby 5.1?
13) Why is the element of "Antimony" within the Periodic Table, found in period 5, group 15, and element 51?
14) Is this because "Antimony" in Gematria = 666, and is the only Individual element out of all 118 elements to do so!!
15) Is this because 5 = May, First of May = 1-5", and "May First" = 5-1?
16) Or, is this because these 2 numbers of 1-5 and 5-1 can be added together to = 6-6?
17) Or, when 15 and 51 can be mirrored to be seen as 1551 or 5115, then adding together = 6666, Does this thereby interpret to the 4 666 numbers within Pi?
18) Or, Why does our current standard clock system of 24 hours in military time, starting at exactly 12 am midnight, show the hour of 15 and minute 51 = 351 pm that day, and that the hour of 51 and minute 15 = 315 am 2 days later? And when adding both these numbers together = 351+315=666?
19) Why is 5-1 "May First", the second most Holiest day of the year?
20) Why is 5-1, "May First" the only day within the 365 and 366 day calendars that equals 666 in Gematria?
21) How did the Mayans know that Dec. 21, 2012 is the end of the Time calender? Was not the Mayans a primitive culture, along with all ancient cultures?
22) Is this because the Mayans used Pi within their "Calculation" of Time?
23) Or, is this because that May is in the word Mayan, and May equals 234, as does Rev. 13*18=234, and then when subtracting 234 days from Dec. 21, 2012 would automatically be "May First" and = 666?
24) If Rev. 13-18 = 234, and May equals 234, Then why are they both mathematically connected to 666?
25) Why is the 365 day calendar divided by 3, (from Pi and the Triangle), which interprets to "Pi Triangle", which = 666, and interprets to = 121.666?
26) Does this mean that month 5121, and day 1 = 666?
27) If the Illuminati were founded on May 1st 1776, Why wasn't the United States originally founded on May 1st 1776 as well, and not the 4th of July like our historians claims it was?
28) Why are these the only 6 letters in the Gregorian alphabet that Alphabetically = to 666P-Q-R-S-T-U!!
29) And why is the Continental United States, and most of the whole entire Western part of the World located under these 6 letters, using the Military Code Co Ordinance System for longitude P-Q-R-S-T-U?
30) If 1776 is on the back of the One Dollar Bill, Why is it to small to view with the naked Eye?
31) How come 1776 in Roman Numerals MDCCLXXVI also symbolizes 'Six Hundred Three Score and Six', leaving out the first numeral from each of the 3 numeral sections. (MDC-CLX-XVI) = (DC-LX-VI) = 600-60-6?
32) Does the Dollar Bill Indicate that the 'Eye of Providence' on top of the Pyramid / Triangle, which also indicates Pi, answer to the "Pi Pyramid" and "Pi Triangle", to which all 3 are indicating 666?
33) If "Providence" = 666, and is hidden within 1776, then why don't they tell us this?
34) Of the 5 letters that represent the word Mason, and using the 1440 Tetrahedron that encircles the Eye of "Providence", Does this actually indicate and represent the coming of the May-Son, which is that of the 5th month and first day, which = 666?
35) Why does the Cross of Hendaye secretly encode the "Pi Symbol" and the "Pi Formula"?
36) Why are there only 6 Platonic Solids known to Man, 1 of which is the "Icosahedron", that = 666?
37) Is this because the "Icosahedron" means, that the 1 from 6 is to = 5?
38) Also, if the "Icosahedron" represents a Planetary Solid, Why is it not round?
39) If the Circle is round (O) and is representing Pi as being round, Why is the letter O round, and precisely positioned as the 15th letter of the Alphabet?
40) Is this because 15 can be seen as 1+5=6, and it's opposite of 51 can be seen as 5+1=6?
41) Is this because the number 15 from 51 = 36, and 36 from the Gematrian wheel of 10 = 36*10 equaling 360?
42) Does this mean that 51 can be seen as 5 + 1 to = 6, the number of Man?
43) Or, Does this also mean that 5 - 1 = 4, which equals the 4 666 numbers within Pi?
44) Why do these 4 words (Symbol - Equaling - Formula - Infinite) all Individually = 516 in Gematria?
45) Is this because 5 connected to 1 is 6, or again, 5 - 1 = 4?
46) If 666 is "May First" in Gematria, and 5+1= 6, the day Man was created on, and 666 can be seen as (6*6*6) to = 216, and (*6) the number of man, which then = 1296, which is 36 squared, and that 1296 + 666, the number of a Man = 1962. Why is my birth date "May 1st 1962" or "May First" 1962??
47) If scientist can openly talk about and present they Think they believe a DNA metamorphosis will take place sometime within this time period, Then there are Questions, and Reasons to ask - Why do Only the 4 major components of our DNA Structure (Adenine=312, Cytosine=660, Guanine= 426, Thymine=564) in Gematria also = 1962?
48) Now, I have proven this Gematria system to be mathematically linked to Words Associated With Numbers. So why does the phrase 'Words Associated With Numbers' also = 1962?
49) And If the Gematrian wheel of 10 can also be Explained by the number 36, and that 36 is connected to Pi, because Pi comes from the 360 degree circle, Why does the 360º circle squared, equal the first 10 digits of Pi? 360*360 = 129600!! And 3.*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4*=129600!!
50) So now there are no doubts that this number of 129600 is 360 squared, and is the first 10 digits of Pi multiplied. Then why I ask, when dividing 129600 by the number 5, (the 5th month within the 5th century), that the number would then equals 25920, the Precession of the Equinox?
51) And being that the first 10 digits of Pi can also (3.+1+4+1+5+9+2+6+5+4) = 40, Then 10*4 =400, or 40*360=14400, or 14400*4=129600, or 400*360=144000! Does this mean that 666 = 216, which is 6*6*6, and that 144000 / 216 = 666?
52) Or, Does this mean Immediately following Rev. 13-18 is Rev. 14-1, The 144000. And that the 144000 of Rev. -129600 of Pi = 14400, which is the 14400 from 40*360, and 14400 -12960 = 1440, the Tetrahedron; and that the 1440 Tetrahedron -1296 = the 144000 without the zero's, which subsequently answers to 666 both ways? Yes!! So now you know that the 144000 / 216, which is 6*6*6 = 666, and when dropping the zero's from 144000, then equals the first 144 digits of Pi. Common Sense, Ya Think!
53) Which of any 2 questions, among these multiples of questions, are purely Coincidental???????
54) So, If you have any Positive intellectual answers or comments that can relate to Pi, Great! Please, feel free to comment or leave your positive "Response". On the other hand, if you feel your questions or answers might have a non intellectual and negative "Response", then we already know what all the outcome will be. If I am wrong, I will be bombarded with Comments, Emails, or some other form of contact telling me so. Now, when your right your right, and I know I'm right. So therefore, since May of 2008 when this blog first began, there has not been One single comment telling me I'm Wrong.  Go Figure!!
55) So what will "Humanity" think about what I have presented here?
56) Will people think I have been over "Excessive" in my presentation of 666?
57) Will they say my "Fascination" with Pi and it's connection to 666 is just to much?
58) Or will they think this is all just complete "Insanity"?

Thursday, March 1, 2012


When we look at the Gregorian Alphabet, we obviously see only these 26 letters. 
(A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z). But when dividing the Alphabet into 3 different sections, "Three Laws", something amazing begins to be unveiled. Then, dividing that sequence of letters in half, drawing another half circle, exactly stops at the letter N. Then, dividing that sequence of letters in half a 3rd time with another half circle, because we have discovered the number 3 to be the first number in the "Pi Formula": Or, is this because 3 is directly connected to all Triangle's and Pyramid's? Hmmmm, This 3rd half circle, finally and exactly shows up at the letter T. (20th position). Now, when you have completed all 3 of the half circles, you can plainly see what is taking shape.
Now, lets talk about the letter T that is in the 20th position of the Alphabet. Within the second stage Gematria system, "Pi Sumeria", the letter T is equal to 120; And within the 3rd stage Gematria system, "Alphabets Code", the letter T is equal to the 1260. Now, in the Bible, the language of 1260 days, translates to a 3 1/2 year period of tribulation. So looking at both the first two numbers side by side, both Eye's can plainly see 20/120. Now, take another good look. What else do you see? By removing the /, both numbers now represent one number - 20120. Now I'm no Genius, but doesn't this number look like what the Mayan prophecy of 2012-day 0 represents? We are now coming up to the end of a 3 1/2 year period from when I started doing this. So, is this all a Coincidence, or are all these answers True Fact?? Well one thing is for sure, We know all about the Facts!! And if you believe in Coincidence, Well then, Primitive still resides within you!
Now, going another 2 steps further with yet another 2 half circles to equal the number of 5 half circles, because of May being the 5th month, I then divided those 2 sequence of letters in half, and ended up at the letter Q, and then ending up exactly between the letters of R and S.

The Mathematics of the Golden Ratio within the Alphabet:
There are exactly 26 letters within our Alphabet of A to Z. OK!
From A to M = 13 letters; and backwards from Z to N = 13 letters. OK!
From the letter N, moving forward half way, is the letter T. OK!
Then counting forward 6 letters from N, and counting backwards 6 letters from Z. OK!
Then half that letter sequence would be the letter Q. counting forwards 3 letters from N, and counting backwards 3 letters from T. OK!
Half of that sequence is between the letters R and S. Counting 1.5 from Q, and 1.5 from T. OK!
Looking at the numbers 1.5 backwards is 5.1 forwards.
5 is May, and 1 is First: Combined together = 666, "May First", and is also the Golden Ratio of 720. 2*360º circle ends up between the letters R and S. So 360 squared is 129600.
Taking the number 216000, which is the number 216 with three zero's added, then dividing 216000 by the number of 1.5, mathematically equals the number 144000. 144000 divided by the number 216 without the zero's, comes from the breaking down of 666 into 3 separate numbers, then multiplying them out 6*6*6 = 216, which then also equals the same. 144000/216= 666. Adding another 6 = 6*6*6*6 then = 1296, which is the multiplying of the first 10 digits of Pi as so represented from A Barbury Castle Crop Circle of Pi in June 2008, with zero's (3.141592654) - (3.*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4 =129600), which is also the 360º circle squared. SO---
Here Is Wisdom, Let He Who Has Understanding, Calculate The Number Of Pi, For It Will Be The Number Of A Man, And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score And Six, 666. 
666 Is My Birth Number!!
The 26 letters of our Alphabet is also interpreting to the 26000 year Precession of the Equinox, that comes from the Ancient Mayan Calendar Prophecies. So then each letter of the Alphabet represents a 1000 year period. In this "Alphabets Code" system, the total of the entire Alphabet is equal to 2106. Again, I am no Genius, but guess what happens when you take both these numbers of 26000 and 2106, and divide one into the other, say 26000 divided by 2106. I used a calculator that records up to 1 million digits of any calculation. The Answer Is Remarkable!! The first part of the answer is the 12 month standard year. Then all together and after the decimal, including the numbers 1 and 2, you see our current standard numbering system, Except, there are no 8's anywhere within the entire Infinite of numbers. (12.345679012345679012345679012345679012...), This is Remarkable. Now, here is another Fascinating Fact! Adding Remarkable to Pi becomes "Remarkable Pi", which is also the same as "Infinite Pi", and = 666.
So this Mathematically tells me that the Golden Ratio is not 1.6, but is in fact, and Exactly, the number of 1.5. Or the number of 5.1 or 51.
   I have recently discovered, as of 03/15/2012, that within our glorious and wonderful United States, there are, and I quote; 'Exactly 51 States'. That's Right! Not 50 as everyone believes. And 2 of these 51 states do equal the number 666. Research this information yourselves, and do the Gematria. This 51st state I am referring to was founded in 1982, with it's own Government and Laws, it's own Constitution, Police Force, Jail, post Office, and so on. Just like it is in any other State. The only thing different with this state is, You Absolutely, and Positively 'Pay No Taxes'. Why is that? The State of which pays no taxes is - The District of Columbia, DC. Where the the name was given Washington DC, and Washington DC has been made the Capital of the United States. So why does this State pays no taxes? Well first off, you have to understand, the United States is not a Country from the get go. The United States is Factually a Corporation. A "Corporate" conglomerate to the current world. So why does the word "Corporate" = 666 in Gematria? This 51st State 'DC' is actually called a City State, and by doing the proper research, basically controls all the worlds Military Powers. Again, do not take my word for it. Do Your Research. But none the less, DC is fully recognized as a full functioning State. So therefore, there are 51 States, not 50. Why is this kept secret from the people of the United States, let alone the World? Again, notice the number 51. This number 51 is there for a reason, as I explain in detail in other posts. This City State is connected to 2 other City States that are also very well known throughout the World. Vatican City State, in Rome Italy, which controls all of the worlds Religions, and the City State of London, in London England, which controls all the worlds wealth. And do Notice, like I said, there are only 3 of these City States! Why? Well it is obvious! Because this is the first number within Pi. And is the number of the 3 sided figure; You Know, the Triangle and Pyramid! You Know, which shows up on the back of the 1 dollar bill. So combining all 3 of these City States together, thus controls all the worlds Military forces, Currencies of all denominations, and all Religions. You name it, they control it. They create all of the Wars of the Earth through Chaos, create Famine and Disasters, and most of all, they create all the Lies upon Lies, upon Lies that hide you from the Real Truth. And when someone comes forward with the truth, say like me in find this Information, they call it Coincidence because it confronts the Truth. And when adding Pi to both these 2 Symbols - Triangle ▲ and Pyramid ▲, that truth is clearly visible on the back of the 1 dollar bill, also becomes none other than "Pi Triangle" and "Pi Pyramid", and mathematically become 666. Imagine that!! It is a Spiraling Golden Ratio Effect. Same reason why the "Pi Formula" was presented in a Crop Circle in 2008 using a Spiraling presentation. Like I said, Don't Take My Word For It!